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WERA 950PKLS9SM :: Hexagon angle key wrench, 9-piece


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950 PKLS/9 SM SB angle key wrench set, metric, chrome frame

  • 9-piece. Hex-Plus angle key wrenches from Wera have large contact surfaces in the screw head and thus reduce the destructive notch effect on screw heads.

  • At the same time, up to 20% higher torque can be transmitted.

  • Angle key wrench with extra short bracket for use with hard-to-reach screws.

  • A ball head on the long handle enables screw fixing even in a slightly inclined state.

  • Safe working even in difficult positions.

  • The meticulous chrome framed design guarantees a degree of corrosion protection.

  • All angle key wrenches can be quickly identified thanks to their size markings.

  • The wear-free material of the clip guarantees secure holding of the angle key wrenches as well as easy removal.

  • Extra short for hard-to-reach screws.

950 PKLS
1 x 1.5x90 conventional hexagonal profile.
1 x 2.0x100; 1 x 2.5x112; 1 x 3.0x126; 1 x 4.0x140; 1 x 50x160; 1 x 6.0x180; 1 x 8.0x200; 1 x 10.0x219

Manufacturer : WERA
Factory number : 5073594001
Package weight : 0.157 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Pin wrench
    • Design
    • Set