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FLUKE 1730 :: Fluke 1730 three-phase energy logger

FLUKE 1730

Easily identify opportunities for energy savings in your building

The three-phase Fluke 1730 Energy Logger has been specially designed for energy-conscious customers like you. It can be used to easily detect where energy is being wasted. By logging the energy consumption in your building, you will be able to identify potential energy savings. The easy-to-understand data forms the basis for taking corrective measures.

With the 1730, you can:
  • Easily identify when and where energy is consumed in your building, from the service entrance to the individual circuits
  • Use the energy analysis software package to compare multiple data points over a specified time period and build a comprehensive picture of energy consumption
  • Quickly uncover specific points of energy loss and reduce your energy costs more easily than ever before

The Fluke 1730 is the best choice if you are looking for a well-suited energy logger for performing energy surveys and load studies.

Take energy surveys to the next level

If you want to take your energy surveys to the next level, use the 1730 Energy Logger together with the VT02 Visual IR Thermometer or Ti125 Infrared Camera to identify opportunities for energy savings, both in relation to your electricity consumption and your thermal output. By combining the 1730 Energy Logger with an infrared camera or visual IR thermometer, you can detect potential energy wastage and then use the 1730 Energy Logger to quantify the loss. These are the ideal tools for discovering the energy consumption of resources such as lighting, air-conditioning systems and other large loads that could be switched off when not in use.

  • Measurement functions: Voltage, current, power, power factor and the associated values help you optimise and implement your energy-saving strategies
  • Bright, colour touchscreen: Conveniently carry out analyses and data checks in the field with the full graphical display
  • Comprehensive logging: The instrument can store more than 20 separate logging sessions. All measured values are logged automatically and can be reviewed during logging and before downloading for fast analysis
  • Optimised user interface: Always record the correct data thanks to the quick, guided graphical setup and reduce uncertainty about the connections by using the intelligent verification functions
  • Complete setup in the field using the operator panel: No need to return to the workplace or take a computer with you to download data or set up the device
  • Wide-ranging functions: The tool is powered directly via the measured circuit, meaning that no power outlet is required and the tool can be connected safely in a control cabinet
  • Two USB ports: One for connecting to a PC and one for quickly and easily downloading to standard USB sticks or other USB devices
  • Compact size: Fits into tight spaces and control cabinets
  • Meets the highest safety specifications: Complies with measurement categories CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V for use on guides at the service entrance, on rails and on cables to sub-distributions
  • Optimised measurement accessories: Flat measuring leads for voltages and slim, flexible current clamp meters ensure easy installation even in confined spaces
  • Operating time with battery: 4 hours (backup time) per lithium–ion battery charge
  • Security: We protect your investments against theft with an indestructible Kensington lock
  • Application software for energy analysis: Download and analyse a snapshot of your energy savings potential with automated reporting

  • LCD colour screen 4.3" TFT active matrix, 480 x 272 pixels, resistive touch panel
  • Voltage: 1000 V/0.1 V/±0.2%
  • Current: Direct input defined by accessories, max. 6000 A
  • Frequency: 42.5 Hz to 69 Hz/0.01 Hz/0.1%
  • Auxiliary input (Aux): ±10 V DC
  • cos phi (DPF): 0 <= cos phi <= 1
  • Power factor (PF): 0 <= PF <= 1
  • Efficiency: > 68.2%
  • Operating time on battery: four hours in typical operating mode
  • Resolution: 16-bit synchronous sampling
  • Sampling frequency: 5120 Hz
  • Circuit types: 1-phase, 1-phase IT, split phase, 3-phase delta, 3-phase wye, 3-phase wye IT, symmetrical 3-phase wye, 3-phase Aron/Blondel (2-element delta), 3-phase delta open leg, current only (load studies)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): THD for voltage and current is calculated using 25 harmonics
  • Memory capacity: internal memory, usually 20 logging sessions of 10 weeks in 10-minute intervals
  • Interfaces: USB-A for file transfer via USB flash drive, firmware updates/Mini-USB for data download to PC
  • Number of inputs: 4 (3 phases + neutral wire)
  • Measuring category: CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 16.7 x 5.5 cm / 1.5 kg

Included with delivery:
Portable energy logger, manual

Manufacturer : FLUKE
Factory number : 4276693
RoHS : conform
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