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ET SPIRIT ZWAVE :: Radiator Thermostat Spirit, Z-Wave Plus


EnergiesparreglerSpirit Z-Wave

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    • Radiator thermostat
The new energy-saving controller series from EUROtronic represents a completely new design concept. With interchangeable design covers (available as an accessory), the smart radiator thermostat can be adapted to the individual interior taste.

For Z-Wave users, the new Spirit-Z-Wave offers a host of new features

  • with interchangeable design bezels
  • LED signaling for interactive operation
  • for energy-efficient control of radiators from anywhere

Equipped with FLiRS (Frequently Listening Receiver Slave), the energy-saving controller responds with a particularly short latency to incoming commands (such as temperature changes).
Its color display is particularly easy to read and has an extra-large temperature display.
An intuitive user interface is possible thanks to the multi-colored LED center button, as the user is prompted to interact with the device by means of colored flashing sequences.

Spirit Z-Wave Plus comes with silver design bezels for the battery compartment and decorative ring. In addition, each device comes with a neutral white battery cover.
As accessories different colors for battery cover and decorative ring are available. The product design is thus adaptable to a design-oriented living environment. In children's rooms, eye-catching colors are particularly popular.

All Z-Wave parameters / command classes are described in detail in the documentation. Depending on the mode, the energy-saving regulator can be used as a heating thermostat, or act as a pure actuator when the control is deactivated.
The temperature measured by the internal sensor or the position of the valve actuator can be reported back to the corresponding gateway via Z-Wave.
Parental control and various security levels are standard features.

Fabrikant : EUROTRONIC
Artikelnummer van de fabrikant : 701003
Verpakkingsgewicht : 0.268 kg
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Technische gegevens
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    • Technologie
    • Z-Wave
    • Uitvoering
    • Radiator thermostat
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