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BENNING CM11 :: TRMS milliampere current clamp multimeter


BENNING CM 11 TRMS milliampere current clamp multimeter

Non-linear loads generated, for example, by motor drives with a variable speed, frequency converters or power supply units for office equipment and LED lights, produce a reactive power in the network. This means that multimeters and current clamps that use the averaging measurement procedure (RMS) display less accurate measured values.
In many cases—especially in industrial environments—the use of modern TRUE RMS measuring instruments is required. The TRUE RMS measurement procedure shows the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly — regardless of whether the signal form of the current is sinusoidal or distorted.

Features and functions:
  • Ideal for troubleshooting in electrical systems, controllers, devices and vehicle electrical systems
  • Precise measurement of small AC/DC currents with an optimum resolution of 0.1 mA
  • Precision thanks to TRUE RMS
  • Compact dimensions with a 23-mm jaw opening
  • Measurement of stray, differential and leakage currents
  • Measurement of 4 mA - 20 mA process signals without interrupting the current loop
  • Quiescent current measurement on vehicle batteries to check for gradual battery discharge
  • Precise measurement of load currents up to 20 A AC/10 A DC
  • The highest measuring category CAT IV 30 V allows measurements to be taken directly at the source of the low-voltage installation
  • LC-Display with backlight
  • Compact protective case also supplied

Technical data:
Display: LCD, 6000 counts, illuminated
AC voltage: 0.01 V - 600 V
DC voltage: 0.01 V - 600 V
DC current: 0.1 mA - 10 A
AC current: 0.1 mA - 20 A
Resistance: 0.1 ohm - 600 kohms
Continuity: Yes
Memory function: HOLD, MIN/MAX, ZERO
Measurement procedure: TRUE RMS
Max. jaw size: 23 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 206 x 76 x 33 mm

Included with delivery:
Current clamp, 2 x 1.5-V micro batteries, instructions, measuring lead set and protective case

Manufacturer : BENNING
Factory number : 044067
Package weight : 0.644 kg
RoHS : conform
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