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MLSS WG 100-1 SW :: safety silicone test lead, straight/angled plug, 1m

Item-No.: MLSS WG 100-1 SW
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

MLS SIL WG 100/1 sw

Safety silicone measuring lead, at either end 4 mm diameter safety connector with straight and angled outlet. Nickel-plated copper beryllium contact spring. Highly fexible, double insulated stranded lead, high-temperature resistant, shatter-proof grip sleeve and lead. Built in colour indicator for easy identifcation of insulation damages.

type: MLS SIL WG 100/1 black
system: 4 mm safety system
colour: black
cable length: 100 cm
cable material: silicone
conductor size: 1 mm²
measurement cat. acc. IEC 61010: CAT III
rated voltage AC/DC 1000V
rated current: 16 A

Factory number : 934182100
Package weight : 0.038 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information